Reduced stress. Increased productivity. Improved well-being.


What Others Say

Dear Lori,

Thank you for the awesome presentation, “Mindful Home Organizing,” at the Springboro Library. Several co-workers are still talking about “just starting somewhere.”

Nan Allen

Springboro Library

I really enjoyed your seminar, “Take Control of Your Workday.” It was very informative without being drawn out.

Dee Dee Hershey-Shaw

Software Solutions seminar attendee

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Beavercreek Women’s League meeting yesterday. You had GREAT tips/rationale for changes in behavior! Thanks, Lori!

Martha Shields

Beavercreek Women's League

Your column in the Dayton Daily News on Feb 1, 2015 made me smile. It is so rewarding to be a patient or customer at a well-organized facility. It shows they care about their patient/customer’s time and value customer service. So very appreciated! Thanks for getting the message out!

Cathy W.

Dayton Daily News reader

We are SO happy to have had you do the training. My only regret is that more folks weren’t able to attend due to their schedules. EVERYONE would benefit from the things you talked about. Thank you…you are just great!

We will keep you posted on future opportunities. And definitely want you to come and tour our new building after we move!

Kim Bramlage


My team enjoyed the day and they are enjoying their workspace more. I’ve heard several comments of “I’ll set it here now, will take less than 2-minutes.” There have also been a couple things moved to our central closet, so I don’t get interrupted by bringing the person to my office for them.

Thank You!

Tony Cali


Thank you so much for your presentation at the Fall Conference. It really hit home with me. I got quite serious about cleaning up my stuff (and life) the past few weeks. It’s interesting how much more clarity and focus I have now.

Carlos Scarpero

Dayton Pulse

I took all the boxes to a donation center tonight- very freeing! Thanks for all your help today- I’m anxious to implement some of your really good ideas.


Seminar attendee

Thanks for the great seminar! It was clearly presented with very useful suggestions. Practical advice for the resources I have.

Think Inside the Box attendee

Bellbrook Library

Great info for the time allowed. Wonderfully thought provoking presentation that confirmed most of the ideas that I have independently come to during the past few seasons of my life.

J. Avery

Delta Kappa Gamma

Very good job!!! Really made me think about my stuff and what needs to go!

Who's in Charge attendee

Delta Kappa Gamma

Lori’s class was so good! I am so glad she gave me the motivation to change my mind-set about my STUFF! I will keep her programs in mind for the other organizations I belong to. I hope to be able to book her in the future.


Northmont Library attendee

Thank you for your practical, realistic ideas.

Jamestown Library attendee

Your seminar was great! Thank you! I am going to work for 15 minutes each day.

Ann M.

John F. Kennedy Elementary School

I thought your seminar was great and very helpful!

Matt Baker

Dayton Phoenix Group

My husband and I came to the seminar “Mindful Home Organizing” together. It was a great opportunity for us both to grow, together and individually.

Robyn Williamson

New Lebanon Library attendee

Great Presentation! The topics covered today were exactly what I needed to get my home office organized.

Jamestown Library "Attack the Stack" attendee

Lori’s seminar, “Take Control of Your Workday” was a great balance of information.

Arwen Masteller

Lexis Nexis

Lori’s class was so good! I am so glad she gave me the motivation to change my mind-set about my STUFF! I will keep her programs in mind for the other organizations I belong to. I hope to be able to book her in the future.


Northmont Library attendee

Hi, Lori,
Thank you so much for your presentation to the Dayton Ski and Board Club. As always, it was very informative and fun. I heard nothing but positive comments and hope to put into practice your ideas.

Have a great day and hope to have you speak for us again.


Dayton Ski Club

I LOVE your recent articles in the Dayton Daily News. Your writing stands out from the other writers in that you endearingly point out universal truths ( the “special spoon” and “too many gifts from co-workers/family”), while also encouraging folks to decide what’s right for them.

Enjoying a gift exchange with empty hands is a wonderful idea. Thank you, thank you!

Barb Schmenk

Dayton Daily News Reader

Thank you so much for your program! The residents and guests loved it. I knew they would!!!

Several residents have told me that “you are the best organizing speaker they have ever heard.” They also said, “She tells you how it is.” They liked that you didn’t sugar coat anything and that you gave them practical tips on how to get organized. I just saw a resident yesterday that is already organizing. She has things boxed up, sitting in her car, and ready to take to Good Will and other donation centers. I would love to have you back again!

Mallory Danes

Mount Pleasant Retirement Village

After attending your seminar I asked my husband to attend the next one you offered. He took your class Senior Solutions: Organize Your Home Sweet Home. He now understands my methods for letting go of items in order to downsize for the next house and is willing to part with more. Thanks for inspiring him.


Seminar Attendee

I really enjoyed the time we spent in my “gift shop” closet last week. I’ve have been sorting, throwing away & taking to Goodwill ever since. You were an inspiration and indeed the motivation I needed.


Forte’s Mother’s Day Contest Winner

Thank you for today’s article in the Dayton Daily News. I just spent several hours clearing out papers, etc. that I have held onto from my 13 years of teaching preschool. The article gave me the push I needed to tackle the file drawers of stuff I no longer need, since I left teaching 7 years ago and have no plans to go back. There will be several bags of paper recycling and garbage set out to the curb on Monday. Thanks for the inspiration to toss.

Lucy K

Dayton Daily News Reader

Thanks for the very valuable class on organization that I attended at the Trotwood Library. You offered several tips that I plan to use.

I hope to attend some of your future classes.

Ida Bubnick

Realtor, Caldwell Banker Heritage

Thanks for the note and for the fun presentation. I think everyone enjoyed it. I know I did!

And, yes, I think everyone walked out of there with some easy-to-remember takeaways that will help them “get organized and stay organized.”

Ron Kozar

Dayton Bar Association

Thank you for your insights and tips for organizing our office. Your program energized our staff to follow through with your concepts as they organized, purged, and restructured their work space.

We will definitely keep you in mind for future programming.

Terri Masur

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

I am just an average person who reads your column on organizing in the Dayton Daily News. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy what you write. I guess I have a lot of challenges with the saving/discarding items as you write about. I really learn a lot from your writing and I find your words so inspiring. You are very insightful about human psychology and emotions. Thank you for sharing your views with us about how it can be ok to let some collections of things go and concentrate on what is truly important in our lives.

Lisa Barnard

Dayton Daily News Reader

Thank you for this dynamic information. I’m so glad I got acquainted with you at Toastmasters District Conference.

I am motivated to tackle my more complex areas and let “stuff” go. Indecision is my greatest obstacle in eliminating clutter. Thank you for your insight.

Any words of wisdom to motive me to take the “after Christmas” action NOW!

Again, thank you for being your unique self! You have a gift of wisdom to share.


Toast Masters

You have made a major impact on my life. Thank you!

Sarah B.

Lathrem Senior Center

Thanks again for a wonderful presentation. We always get such wonderful feedback from your appearances. Even though this is the third time you have presented to us, we would love to have you back next year.

Heather P. Dare

Planned Giving Services, Fifth Third Bank

Please keep booking Lori! These are great programs!!!


Northmont Library attendee

I not only learned “how to” better organize, but I also learned “why to!”

“Who’s in Charge…You or Your Stuff?” attendee


I have caused myself so much stress and anxiety by always keeping everything in my mind. Thanks Lori for teaching me the “Mind Purge” concept! The filing system you taught us is clean, simple and one that really works!

Suzanne Werling

"Attack the Stack" attendee

I appreciate your calm, upbeat, positive attitude and humor.

“Organizing Your Home Sweet Home” attendee

Beavercreek Library

Workspace Rescue was a Great Seminar! Loved your ideas and systems-Thank you!

Elise Hyder

Ronald McDonald House

The Best Downsizing Program that Mount Pleasant has had!!! It was excellent!

Sharyn E.

Mount Pleasant Retirement Village

“Organizing Solutions for Parents” was great! I’m naturally messy and having kids does not help. I am so happy with the take-aways from today’s session.

Michelle H

Burkhardt Library attendee

I am so energized after your seminar that I can’t sit here and fill out this form! I want to organize something…FAST!

Laurie Streit

Kettering Recreation Center

I learned great ideas on how to get started organizing, how to stay motivated and how to keep focused on the job at hand.

Georgia Cali

West Carrollton Library attendee

Lori, thank you so much for speaking at our Staff Development Day. You got rave reviews from our attendees!

Ann Riegle Crichton

Dayton Metro Library

Thank you so much for presenting your tips at Koffee Talk Friday. I didn’t realize how much time you can save each day by being more organized.

There has never been a time that I purged something & then wanted it back. It’s like a spiritual cleansing. You motivated me to continue my downsizing process.

Thanks again.

Kathi Oaks

Send Out Cards

Thank you so much for speaking at the West Carrollton Branch Library about organizing your home! Attendees really enjoyed your presentation. I’ve had a few patrons tell me how much they enjoyed the program and how they’ve already tried some of the tips you shared. We want to have you back!

Karri Marshall, Branch Manager

Thank you for helping me organize my office. I feel more relaxed and I’m no longer overwhelmed with paperwork. I don’t spend time searching for ‘stuff’ any more.

Cheryl W., Manager

I enjoyed your presentation today at the Rotary Meeting, Grace Lutheran. I liked your compassionate approach for people who are disorganized. Your clients aren’t really doing anything wrong, they just need to create habits that keep the clutter down. You’re right, a lot of folks get caught up in life situations and then when the “mountains build” they just don’t have the energy to start or the ability to just do a little at a time till things get back under control.

Gary Kuntz

National Bank and Trust

Thank you Lori for your Motivational Monday!

I learned some new things tonight from your workshop at Southdale that I will be implementing!

I left the workshop and went to purchase the supplies you suggested so I could get started right away. Such simple concepts, yet they will make a huge difference in my home.

I only have two children, ages 7 & 13, but they both keep me very busy, with sports, dance and scouts and lots of paperwork! The simple tickler system will help keep the paperwork in order. I will look forward to future organizational workshops with you in the future.

Thanks again. I feel rejuvenated to do some re-organization in my home.

Betty H.

Kettering, OH

Lori is always extremely organized and prepared. I enjoyed the mix of
home/professional organizing tips.

MVAVA Seminar Attendee

Thank you for the very useful information. I look forward to utilizing some of your techniques not only in my professional life, but my personal life as well.

MVAVA Seminar Attendee

I was greatly helped by Lori’s presentation and am looking forward to implementing her ideas.

MVAVA Seminar Attendee

I attended your seminar at the Dayton Art Institute and spent a day and a half reorganizing my office according to your suggestions. It has been a month now and my desk is still paper free. The suggestions that were particularly useful were:

  1. File reorganization
  2. Paper filing and tossing tips
  3. Tickler – really helpful. I may have to start one for homeas well
  4. Managing my To Do List

Thank you for giving me the confidence and instruction to get my office up and running more efficiently.

Cadance Lowell, PhD

Professor, Department Natural Sciences, Central State University

Lori was helpful and informative, and the session was very productive. Thank you for showing me how easy the filing system works. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable with a filing system and Lori’s system works!

Consultation Client

Lori’s program received great reviews from our attendees. We are definitely going to have her back for more seminars!

Jeff Fortescue M.L.S. -- Business Specialist

Dayton Metro Library

I loved the topic and the lunchtime program is a great idea!

Dayton Metro Library Attendee

The information I received was very useful and practical. Lori was a compassionate speaker!

Attack The Stack Seminar Attendee

Lori’s tips were very helpful. She is knowledgeable and friendly.

Dayton Metro Library Seminar Attendee

Thank you Lori. Finding my tools will cut out a lot of wasted time searching for them. We only organized the garage, but I see that it would be helpful to organize other rooms of the house.

Brad Nagel

The minute you meet Lori, you know you are in the presence of someone special. She has an energy and zest for life that is contagious. This translates into Lori being a consummate professional who is at the top of her game. As a speaker, Lori draws you in and makes you want to listen. Indeed, her information will change your life. It isn’t surprising that the media is sitting up and paying attention. Lori has received notice and exposure on the local, regional AND national level. Lori is more than an organizer; she is a transformer!

Kay Frances, MBA

The feedback has been very positive on your presentation to the Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council. We hope to have you back next year!

Heather Dare

Fifth Third Bank

Many of the tips and tricks I have written in my blog regarding paperwork were gleaned from the incredible Lori Firsdon, owner of Forte Organizers. I’ve heard her speak twice, and she is fantastic! If you live in the Dayton area and need wisdom from a true organizing guru, give her a call. Girl knows what she’s doing.

Rose Lounsbury, Clutter-Free Mom of 3 and blogger,

Your seminar was great. I wish it would have been longer! Learning how to delegate to other family members was definitely what I needed to learn.

Brenda D., Organizing Solutions for Parents seminar attendee

You are my life angel. Thank you for helping me get back to being organized after my medical issues set me back in life.

Ty P., Attack the Class seminar attendee

I can’t believe how much we got accomplished today. It was wonderful to work with you. I will definitely be calling you again.

Stephanie Jamestown, OH

On behalf of the New Neighbor’s League of Dayton, I want to thank you for speaking and presenting at our February luncheon. All of the ladies are still talking about how much they loved your presentation! I hope our paths will cross again in the near future.

Claudia Dickey

Program Coordinator, New Neighbors League

Your presentation was clear, concise and very motivational!

Denise O'Neil, Managing Your Work Space seminar attendee

Thank you for a great presentation. I found the information to be very helpful and easy to follow.

Tina M., Get Organized seminar attende

Loved your presentation. Your energy is contagious.

Mary G., Get Organized For Life Seminar attendee

Your class was terrific!

Carla Humphrey, Attack the Stack Seminar Attendee

Thank you so much for sharing your simplified systems and your energy!

Jill Bowers, Attack the Stack Seminar Attendee

Thank you for volunteering your time to help us organize our craft and receiving room in our building. You and the other volunteers were one of the best groups of volunteers we have ever had. We are looking forward to working in our newly organized space as we continue to work with our special needs clientele in helping them with their personal independence.

Pat Maple

We Care Arts

Thank you so much for an excellent presentation yesterday! We learned so much from your wisdom and expertise. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments and ladies making plans to attend more of your classes and/or get started organizing!

Jenny Finch, Southbrook Moms Ministry

Your class was great! I love how you simplify everything so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Mary B.

Attack The Stack Seminar Paperwork Class Attendee

We received many rave reviews about your sessions at the conference. Many asked that we have you back at a future conference. So you may be hearing from me soon on that!


My Software Solutions

You helped transform our office to be more efficient. You did an impressive job in understanding how our office functioned, assessing current filing systems and paper flow that were in place. New systems were recommended and were easy for us to implement the same day with excellent results.

As people enter the office, they instantly see the dramatic changes. This transformation helps us in delivering the highest quality service to our customers.

Erik Collins, Manager

Montgomery County Econ Dev.

I’ve been working now more than 40 years. I really thought my work area and work habits were organized until I heard this presentation. I now know I’ve been doing things wrong concerning time and space management.

I now have a more usable workspace; my files are getting organized so I can actually find what I’m looking for without tearing the office apart. I now have 10 times the workspace, a better filing system, a tickler system so I won’t forget things. My office now looks and feels more professional.

Chris Williams

Miami-Jacobs Career College

The presentation was excellent, informative and applicable to everyone in attendance, which is difficult since we have both working professionals and retirees. Everyone went away with something they could put to use THAT day. The presentation was professional, personable and fun.

Brenda Stansfield

Kettering Ohio Rotary

Wow, what a great seminar event! The seminar moved along with tons of information and lots of laughter. We all gained quite a bit of useful information for both work and home and the best part is that most of it can be put into use immediately.

Margie Karl – Heart of Ohio Chapter

IAAP (Int’l Association of Administrative Professionals)

The seminar program was reported as excellent. I appreciate the time and attention that went into your presentation. The results clearly show this. I am also going to discuss providing this training annually to new supervisors/managers.

M. Pierce, HR Manager

Community Blood Center

We would like to express our gratitude to you for speaking at our Annual Administrative Professionals event. We have received wonderful comments from the attendees about your presentation. We truly appreciate your assistance in making our annual event such a great success.

Lynn Haney – Queen City Chapter

IAAP (Int’l Association of Administrative Professionals)

The presentation was both inspirational and motivating and offered so many tips to help us – not only for office organizing but for home life as well. The audience was engaged as part of their presentation too which certainly makes for a learning and fun experience too.

Lori was a delight to work with. She was prompt with her responses in the organizing of the event.

I would also like to share one of the comments from one of our attendees that says it all……

I’ve been attending your event for the past four years, and today’s was by far the best. Thanks for all the work you put into making this a very enjoyable day. Excellent speakers!

Doris Schwartz – Harding Chapter

IAAP (Int’l Association of Administrative Professionals)

Things are going great. I still tell people how much my session with you “changed by life”.

I now look forward to going into my office room and tackling projects. I’m keeping my papers organized, my “to do” binder organized and my calendar at the ready. The best part about being organized is that I can break projects down into smaller projects and have things ready, at hand, to work on whenever I get the chance. Also, I’m not overwhelmed when I walk into my room. Instead, I’m now energized and enthusiastic about getting things done. (Well, most of the time).

I gave myself lots of time to get my closet completely organized and just this month rearranged the photo albums and related boxes. I’m also slowly getting rid of more and more things and love seeing the spaces open up.

Kathy H

Beavercreek, Ohio

You have contributed significantly to my sense of hope and freedom and renewed energy. You started the ball rolling and now I know how to continue. The filing system is working well. Thank you for understanding my situation and caring about my personal progress.

Barbara W.

Kettering, Ohio

Thank you for checking in. I had one comment from a colleague wondering if I left the company because my area was so organized with little on top of my desk.

Thank you for everything you did for me and my organization. I feel like a new and free person. It’s on my goals list to get organized this year and thanks to you I’m well on my way.

Troy S.

Dayton, Ohio

I attended your seminar today in Columbus, and just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. I went home that day and tackled a few small projects. It already feels good to be a little more organized than I was this morning. Thanks again for getting me started in the right direction.

Kimberly Perry

Brunswick, Ohio

You did a good job engaging the audience during your presentation. I appreciated your use of humor balanced with a real message. Definitely applied to our diverse group!

Kathy Schulz, Site Leader

The Dow Chemical Company

Thanks again for visiting with the group this morning, and for sharing some of what you’ve learned as a professional organizer. We appreciate that you had to pack a lot into a short time. Thanks also for staying to talk with all the folks who wanted some more information. Several people mentioned to me how valuable the session was for them.

Bud Hauser

Decision Point

Thank you for your training session. We enjoyed having you at 10 Wilmington Place. Our staff juggles many responsibilities and you certainly gave them helpful tools to keep on track.

Ann Broderick

Executive Director

I’ve had the privilege and honor to work with Lori. Lori changes the workplace lives of every person that she works with. I have recommended her to several Universities and will continue to do so because her training seminars are not only needed, but put together where everyone sees the value and benefits so much from them.

Leah Hawthorn, Director

ABI, Advanced Business Image & Etiquette

Lori is a dynamo! She is passionate about her business and is willing to take the bull by the horns to get it done. I work with her both as her marketing consultant and as part of a mastermind group. I am continually amazed by her energy, focus and business know-how.

Nicole Amsler, Owner

Keylocke Services

Your presentation rocked! I was in the audience at Marty Grunder’s Grow Conference. Thanks again for a great presentation.

Mark Baker, Owner


We are very pleased with the services Lori provides. She is extremely professional and has done an amazing job in a short period of time. I trust her to handle everything appropriately and let her completely go through our things. She has found numerous valuables in my husband’s boxes/piles and has shown great integrity to let us know (things she could have easily gone out the door with her without us knowing any different since we hadn’t seen it in years anyway.) Now we go about our daily activities and come home to a few small piles which she has sorted and have a few questions about. How wonderful is that!

By the way, having her come into our home has definitely played a positive role on our marriage as well. Something that many people may not even know is a possibility when hiring a professional organizer. I don’t have to hound my husband to clean out his stuff, and he doesn’t have to hear me nagging him all the time. Better than a marriage counselor, by far (and cheaper too!)

Brenda P.

Centerville, Ohio

I have worked with Lori here in my Washington Township home. I would highly recommend her. Lori has been very helpful and effective in getting my home and papers in order. She has much experience and knows her trade well! She is very trustworthy and has worked alone in my home on many occasions.

Sandy B., Washington Twp., Ohio

Lots of ‘stuff’ accumulates when you live in a house for 11 years. The unfinished part of our basement became the ‘dumping’ ground for all of the things we didn’t know what to do with—old furniture, toys/stuffed animals, bikes, magazines, baskets, holiday decorations, clothes, books, etc. I disliked the clutter, in fact the disarray in this area of my home hung over my head like a black cloud. Every time I went into the unfinished area I felt guilty and stressed and this went on for years.

I finally took advantage of Lori’s services. She provided plenty of motivation and direction as I began the process of parting ways with all of the ‘stuff’ that was weighing me down. She made the process simple—both emotionally and physically and gave me some great ideas on how to take advantage of the extra space I had once all of the ‘stuff’ was cleared out. Lori was truly a godsend! Not only did she help me to get my basement under control, she also inspired my husband and I to tackle some other big projects in our home. Thank you Lori!

Kim L.

Centerville, Ohio

I just wanted to tell you that I came home from listening to your presentation at the WIBN Luncheon and felt so inspired by what you said. I walked in the door soon after, set my purse down, and rolled up my sleeves. My home office was one that could look so nice but the clutter was overwhelming. I had so little desk space to write on and that is such and important part of my business as a Realtor.

I am happy to tell you that I got rid of so much “stuff” that I had been hanging onto and today my home office looks like a place that is not only pleasant to work in but one where I know where to reach and find something in an orderly fashion.

Julianne Gaudette

Prudential One Realtors

Everything in your seminar was very helpful. It really changed the way I think!

Software Solutions seminar attendee

So glad you enjoyed your evening with us! I heard so many positive comments about your presentation. I know I feel more motivated to deal with my “stuff.”

We were pleased to have you with us. Many of us were looking forward to your presentation since you were booked, and we weren’t disappointed!

Betty Collins, Vice President

Delta Kappa Gamma, Chi Chapter

The time was perfect! Lori packed a lot into the 1.5 hour seminar. I look forward to attending her seminar that teaches the Tickler System.

Dante Connell

Attack the Stack attendee

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation making our event a success. We received wonderful feedback from our staff and guests. Due to the positive response, marketing plans on having you speak potentially on a regular basis.

Rebecca Nessle

Graceworks Lutheran Services

So glad you enjoyed your evening with us! I heard so many positive comments about your presentation. I know I feel more motivated to deal with my “stuff!”

We were pleased to have you with us. Many of us were looking forward to your presentation since you were booked, and we weren’t disappointed!

Betty Collins, Vice President

Delta Kappa Gamma, Chi Chapter

As always, the information in your Newsletters and Dayton Daily News articles are REALLY good — both its practical content and the spirit in it.

Love the stories and images — throwing green clothes around, this very impressive professional person camping for a weekend with family, the buried grandfather clock and prisoners lugging their stuff instead of holding loved ones’ hands. Really powerful.

I’m always glad I took the time to read your writing. Thank you so much. If you decide to write a book, it will fly off the shelves as word gets around.

Barb Schmenk

You were fabulous! I can’t imagine a company who wouldn’t want you to come in to help them jump start their staff’s performance. I feel refreshed and ready to start the New Year. My to-do list is much easier because everything is where I need it. Thanks, Lori!

NSA-OH member

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your column this morning and your willingness to share so much of yourself with your readers. You are a wise soul and I hope you realize the inspiration you bring to people.

Dayton Daily News Reader

You probably hear this all the time, but I love your articles. Clear organizing tips with the goals being a clearer head, better relationships, and more joy. You are a gem. Thank you, thank you.

Barb S.

Dayton Daily News reader

It was VERY nice to meet you and I am very interested in your services. I have signed up for your tips newsletter to remind me about you from time to time until I am ready to do something. Thank you so much for coming to the Dayton Pulse Meet-up and presenting to us.

Peter DeMott

Dayton Daily News reader

So much information! Amazing use of time!

Think Inside the Box attendee

Bellbrook Library

Very good! Lori, you are personable, matter of fact, humorous and a wealth of information!

Kathy Lammlein

Knights of Columbus

Great! Giving your name to a friend of mine in Dayton. I am often accused of my over-organizing and I received a few helpful hints at your seminar!

Who's in Charge attendee

Delta Kappa Gamma

You are wonderful! Very generous with sharing your expertise.

J. Hall

Beavercreek Women's League

Thank you so much for another FANTASTIC session with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass team!

The staff has been chatting with each other all day about how great the session was! (Ironic, since we are all trying to interrupt each other less often. I guess their enthusiasm just can’t be controlled.) Seriously, I think there was a lot of healing done yesterday and those conversations that took place helped get us back on the same page about several issues we have been struggling with. Thank you!

I look forward to staying in touch and seeing you again in the near future.

Sarah Lister, Executive Director

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass

Your program was very insightful–Loved it!

Carole L.

John F. Kennedy Elementary School

“Time-Out for Teachers” was wonderful and extremely beneficial.

Andrea J.

John F. Kennedy Elementary School

Dear Lori,

Thank you for a most enjoyable, interesting and challenging presentation. We teachers “fight” with “stuff problems” all the time!

Many of us will take your tips and make our lives more pleasant.

Thanks again!

Bev Howard

Delta Kappa Gamma

It was very interesting with helpful information. Thank you!

Diane Barfield

Beavercreek Library, Mindful Home Organizing

Your seminar “Inside the Box” had great overviews! I feel energized to make changes. I am excited and not afraid!

Robyn Williamson

New Lebanon Library attendee

I attended “Take Control of Your Workday” at Lexis Nexis. I liked that the seminar covered a wide variety of topics and was fast paced. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Lisa B

Lexis Nexis

We are looking forward to working with Lori again this next weekend at the Miami Valley Home World. She did a super job this past weekend – the audience loved her!

Kimberly A. Fantaci

Miami Valley NARI

Lori Firsdon is excellent at helping speakers and anyone with an office at work or home organize their work space for more productivity. She presents a persuasive, how-to-do-it talk with a step by step process to get it done. This would be a great choice for a concurrent session at the NSA convention.

Randall Reeder

NSA member and Will Rogers Impersonator

Lori is an entertaining and informative speaker that reinforced good organizational tools.

Denise Gentsch

American Agri-Women

I just read your column in this morning’s paper. It was a beautiful message. Thank you for sharing these details about your past. I am learning how to manage my time in the spirit you exemplify. Glad you are writing for the paper so we can all benefit!

Chris M

Dayton Daily News Reader

You did a wonderful job on our seminar! Not surprised one bit. Thank you for all you have done to help us get organized. I have had many staff personally tell me how informative your session was and how helpful you were. I hope you realize that your skills are such an asset to places like this. Not only does it help us stay organized, but we truly can be at our best for our families. I am working on our Wellness program for the next year. One of the biggest complaints was staff feeling overwhelmed and that they need help with Time Management. These strategies you taught will allow our staff to use their time more efficiently.

Melissa Stier

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati

I’m so excited about the upcoming Mindful Home Organizing session! Since your visit in my home, I find it easier for me to throw away things I thought were “treasures”. Less is best! Now I can really enjoy a few things, rather than have to endure the clutter of many things. I am learning that I really can’t treasure a lot of things at one time. I can’t tell you how freeing it is—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Doreen P

Consulting Client

Thank you for this dynamic information. I’m so glad I got acquainted with you at Toastmasters District Conference.

I am motivated to tackle my more complex areas and let “stuff” go. Indecision is my greatest obstacle in eliminating clutter. Thank you for your insight and for being your unique self! You have a gift of wisdom to share.


Toast Masters

I just had to write to let you know how much I enjoyed the Organizing article in the Dayton Daily News last Saturday. It was about how our excess collections of things can compete with leisure activities for our precious time. That is so true! Your articles have really given me a new way to look at things and almost a permission to let go of some things. A lot of organizing articles I have read focus on how to sort or catalog our things in an organized manner. I like your point of view of examining the emotional issues of why we collect things and how we can work through letting them go, when it is appropriate. When I read articles like that, I feel I am being shown a path on how to break free from some habits that are weighing me down in my life.

So thank you again for what you are doing, I am sure you are really helping a lot of people. I also wanted to say I enjoy the way you communicate your ideas. For example, when you wrote of the couple in their garage working on an organizing project with their two young children needing attention and having to make decisions about their belongings, it was so well described that I could imagine exactly what they were going through!

Keep up the great work !

Lisa B.

Dayton Daily News Reader

You have made a difference with your presentation! I received some wonderful emails from families who attended the presentation. One family cleaned out their game closet, another family reduced the amount of dishes they own, and another family defined the rooms in their home.

Thank you again for sharing your talents and gifts!

Bernard Schwieterman

Southdale Elementary School

All the Delta Gamma’s so enjoyed your presentation. I am happy that the weather was so nice and that we had a good turn out!

I will keep reading your newsletters and hopefully get to another presentation soon.

Again, great job!

Andi Altvater

Delta Gamma Sorority

Hi Lori!

I just read your article in the Dayton Daily News on taking notes at meetings. I never thought about it that way. You basically broke down the information at the meeting into the same categories you used for dealing with paper clutter in “Attack the Stack:” Trash/Recycle, File, Action, Read. Thank you for your article. It really gave me a tool to use.



"Attack the Stack" attendee

Hi Lori!

It was in January 2013 when I attended one of your seminars at a Community Church in Dayton, Ohio. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding event!

This sparked my thinking that I should be moving toward downsizing BIG time [had a 3-bedroom bungalow], then putting my house up for sale, etc.

Little did I know at that time that I’d be moving across the country from Cedarville, Ohio, to Colorado Springs, Colorado, less than 6 months later! And now, after 10 months of being in The Springs, I’ve downsized again from a 2-bedroom apartment into a 11’x12′ I was invited to move in with my son and his small family, and we blended our household items together.

I could not have done all of this without the timely and phenomenal insight/help from you, Lori. You made it simple, yet it was doable. What I learned at your seminar was INVALUABLE! I’ve been able to continue to use your methods by carrying it over even to my new job.

Did I experience any stress? Why, yes, of course, who wouldn’t? For me, it was because I had to do practically all of this by myself! However, the stress factor [other than the physical “good” exhaustion from time-to-time was the only side effect!] was so minimalized that I hardly noticed, and I must confess that it all was a very enjoyable experience! Could I even say it was “FUN?!”


All the best to you, blessings,


Consulting Client

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. I thought everyone was very attentive and interactive, because they could all identify with points that you made. I would definitely like to have you back next year to teach us how to tackle the paper clutter! Your peppy personality and sense of humor made your presentation especially great!

Heike Hudson

Dayton Ski Club

Lori is a fantastic speaker who is very engaging, as well as convincing. Her presentation was well laid out and she used great examples.

Brady Johnson

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources

Great to have notes on the website from the session’s Power Point presentation!

Cassandra Brook

West Carrollton Library attendee

I personally think the program was excellent and motivational. I loved Lori’s down- to- earth style.

Cherie Rosenstein

Northmont Library attendee

Thank you, Lori! Your presentation was very good and so helpful! I wish I had brought my co-workers with me.

Susan Lambert

Glenmary Home Missioners

Thanks so much, Lori! Great meeting you. You’ve got such a wonderful personality and presentation technique. Loved it!

Lorie Fanning

Ronald McDonald House

I thought “Managing Your Workspace” was great! Not only did Lori teach me how to organize, but I also learned how to create systems in my workplace.

Bridget Tatman

Dayton Bar Association

We loved the Parenting seminar! We discussed that delegating teaches your child independence and responsibility. We also learned how to set guidelines and limits for our child (and ourselves.)

Toby and Anna McWilliams

Beavercreek Library attendees

Lori wastes no time during your organizing session. She is practical, in tune with your needs and very easy to talk to. She did a great job of guiding me through the process, which really helped me focus on the task at hand. With Lori’s guidance, my life will be more calm and organized. I can better manage my personal life and business tasks. I was surprised at how different things looked after we were done. The hardest part of my session was having it end.

Residential Client

The “Who’s in Charge: You or Your Stuff” seminar was very interesting and informative. I am actually a very organized person, but I still learned some great hints. Thanks for the good session, Lori!


West Carrollton Library attendee

I attended the Attack the Stack session and it was great! The information was excellent and presented very well. Lori was funny, which helped make her presentation memorable and comfortable to attend.

Cathy Shay

Trotwood Library attendee

I so appreciate Lori’s attitude, behavior, speaking ability, etc. I could not have been happier with tonight’s presentation. I feel energized and more importantly CAPABLE. I have felt stuck and unable to make decisions and move forward. I can do this – one bite at a time! Thank you.


Thank you so much for a fabulous, fun, and informative discussion at the Beavercreek Koffee Talk! As always, you were wonderful.

Linda Rahn

Lori was easy to work with and non-judgmental. She worked with my style not hers and had great ideas. I’m more efficient and think about where things go and what needs to stay in my office. I can’t stop working on the things we discussed!

F. P., Superintendent

Thank you for a wonderful and inspirational presentation at Koffee Talk. You gave me several ‘ah-ha’ moments. I can tell that you have, and will continue to, improve many people’s lives.

Carrie Bray

Women In Business Networking

Lori’s filing system is so easy to use. My entire family can now find the papers they need. It is a masterful system and I am amazed that I have my files organized for the FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! I’ve always used files, but never understood how to file and believe me, if she can teach me to organize papers, she can teach ANYBODY!!! Papers have been the bane of my existence for my entire life. I can now find what I need when I need it. Thank you Lori. I am grateful for you giving me peace again in my home.

Dory R.


Great presentation; good balance of home/work advice as well as different steps that attendees can take towards incrementally improving their processes

MVAVA Seminar Attendee

Even though I am very organized myself, I learned several new things and the reinforcement of ideas is always a great motivator!

MVAVA Seminar Attendee

I’ve already started using some of the techniques shared at the workshop. I left the presentation feeling it was a valuable use of my time.

MVAVA Seminar Attendee

It was great to have Lori speak at Southdale to the parents as well as the sixth graders. I had several people come up to me in the days following her presentations to tell me how much they appreciated the events. There is a true need for teachers and parents to build organizational strategies into 21st century learning. The skills and organizing solutions you presented will help students be more organized in there school day. We’re looking forward to having you back for future programs.

Jonathan Cooper

Principal – Southdale Elementary, Kettering, OH

You did an amazing job of painting a picture of the need to declutter our lives during your “Who’s In Charge…You Or Your Stuff” presentation. Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement. You have been inspirational to be on so many levels.

Linda Lee Rahn

Seminar Attendee

I was so grateful Lori didn’t chatter during our session. Her presence supported my focus, because she was methodical and focused. She moved me along at a pace which pushed me just a little, but not so much that I was overwhelmed. In fact, with her there, it was the first time in 40 years that I have not felt overwhelmed dealing with my home and possessions.

Even though only one part of the room has been cleared and organized so far, the experience of working with Lori has changed me. I think clutterers have had so many experiences where the whole process of de-cluttering is one huge mortifying, embarrassing, emotion-shredding, confusing fiasco. This time, I was stronger afterward. I had made decisions. I had chosen to put in the time and effort. I had taken control of my house back, even just a little — by choosing some things that are not going to take up space in my house any more. And even that little bit of progress at taking control of my house, made a huge difference in my confidence and ability to deal with an outside challenge.

Karen T.

Fairborn, OH

Lori’s program was very informative and resourceful.

Attack The Stack Seminar Attendee

I loved this program!! Lori had some great tips and organizational methods.

Dayton Metro Library Attendee

Lori is wonderful! I love that she enjoys recycling and that she doesn’t spend a lot of money on supplies.

Dayton Metro Library Seminar Attendee

Lori’s approach allowed me to be openminded about getting rid of things. Lori was very helpful. I felt very comfortable having her in our home.

Maria Van Dyke

I can’t believe what I accomplished at the end of my session! I will definitely have more time because I will be able to find things quickly. Lori was very helpful and inspiring.

Stephanie Coatsworth

Thank you for helping me organize my home and think differently about my stuff. As I continue to work with you, you continue to touch my heart. Some of the words and reminders you use during our sessions are constantly running through my head as I think about my disorganization and how I am going to change. I believe God is using you in great and many ways to help others heal and move forward.

Julie C, Kettering, OH

I attended your seminar at the Springboro library a few weeks ago and
wanted to let you know how empowering it was! You definitely provided some great information and encouraged me to “purge” many unnecessary items in my household.

Renee M. Glenn, Owner, Your Image Matters LLC

The Tickler File has been a life saver! Thank you for sharing this organizing solution for all my child’s school paperwork and my daily action papers.

Laura W., Who's In Charge seminar attendee

Your seminar was fantastic. I left your office and couldn’t wait to get started. I loved the four steps on how to process paperwork and your filing system is awesome. I really appreciated your time and the help you gave me. I’m looking forward to learning more in the next class in your series.

Debi B., Attack the Stack seminar attendee

I enjoyed your presentation today at the Rotary Meeting, Grace Lutheran. I like your approach and understand what you mean about people getting caught up in life situations and not having the energy to start or the ability to do just a little to get caught up when the ‘mountain builds’.

Gary Kuntz

National Bank & Trust

I have already organized my kids’ books and dvds! I bought the matching cups and towels from Target as suggested. Also, I have started purging MY things that I placed value on and hated to get rid of because others bought them for me, though I didn’t use or need the items. Love the class, look forward to seeing you again! Great tips!

Jenny-Centerville Ohio Organizing Solutions for Parents seminar attendee

National Bank & Trust

Your presentation was wonderful! Many people including myself felt very motivated to get home and start organizing. I will definitely keep in touch to schedule another program in the future.

Nan Allen

Franklin-Springboro Library

The presentation was awesome. Lori was very resourceful.

Leslie Barron

Meeting Planners International

Your presentation was awesome! You inspired me to be a better mom, spouse, and employee.

Kelly T., Get Organized...Stay Organized seminar attendee

Lori is a true professional and a great speaker. Every time I turn around, there is an article about her and her company in the Dayton Daily News! I have referred Lori for a couple of speaking engagements that I was unable to do and she wowed them! I will continue to refer her in the future with confidence that she will do a wonderful job.

Kay Frances, Professional NSA Speaker

hank you for simplifying paperwork!

Sarah Keefe, Attack the Stack Seminar Attendee

Thanks for speaking at SouthBrook. I’m part of MOMS, and I really appreciate your suggestions. I began implementing the tickler system and have found it very helpful! Thanks again and best wishes and continued success with your business.

Heidi, Southbrook Moms Ministry seminar attendee

Thanks again for your terrific help and organizational energy. Please know I am singing your praises to spread the joy of space and orderliness.

Kelly, Centerville, OH

Lori gave an excellent presentation. It was fun and full of great ideas.

Ellen V.

You Can Attack The Stack Class Attendee

Thanks for coming in and giving me an organizing tune-up. It helps me stay focused on what’s important and take better control of my day. Even though I have been using your systems for years, I always learn something new with each organizing session.

Michelle Pierce-Mobley

Stillwater Center

Enlisting the services of a professional organizing company is one of the best professional growth decisions I have made for myself in my 12 years as a school administrator.

I now think about how I work and how that impacts my efficiency. I have also applied these same organizational strategies at home with great success. In both settings, I’m accomplishing more and feeling less stress!

M. Theis, Principal

West Carrollton Schools

You have really made a difference, not just in my home, but in my life. The sense of peace is returning to my life because things are ‘simplified’ and organized. That is priceless to me. Thank you for coming into my home, without judgment, and helping me ‘find my way back’

L. Smith

Dayton, Ohio

Wow! The “TAKE 2” Rule presented has given me back, at the very least, an hour out of my day. No longer am I ‘clearing’ out small tasks I’ve put off until the end of the day, to my surprise, they’re magically done!

Kym Worsham

Miami-Jacobs Career College

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to you for the presentation you gave at our annual seminar. Among us were the most seasoned administrative assistants, many of whom came to us to express how much they learned.

Thank you so much for speaking at our event. We would be delighted if you could join us again.

IAAP-Heart of Ohio Chapter Committee

Columbus, Ohio

You have definitely changed lives (or, at the very least, productivity) at The James!
The survey responses were overwhelmingly positive. Thanks again for a marvelous presentation!

Karen Durano, MS, RN

Administrative Nursing Supervisor, The Ohio State University

The top ten list of organizing suggestions you presented was an eye-opener. Even if a person applies only a few of these tips it would be very beneficial. I personally identified with the 55 minutes per day spent ‘looking for missing items’. That fact alone is a motivator to get better organized.

Ron Schroeder, President

The Eastpoint Group

I heartily recommend Lori for clients who are out of my area. Lori is a professional speaker as well as a no nonsense organizer. She is great at team building, but is not afraid to address conflict.

Martha Clouse, Professional Organizer and Speaker

Organized For Life, LLC

I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your presentation. I am totally inspired to get rid of my old ‘seasons’…I just need to find time.

Adrienne Cress, Dir. Business Development & Creative Services

Dayton Mailing Services, Inc.

Things are going better since you helped me get organized. Your 25th Hour binder really saved my life. I was always able to manage things in the past but this job had way too many moving balls to trust my old abilities. Thank you for the tools you provided, they were helpful in managing my team at work.

I really appreciate your services and have recommended them to a few people. The problem is most people can’t ask for help. I am really glad I did.

Karen H.

West Chester, Ohio

Thank you so much for speaking to our caregivers. By looking at the evaluations they really appreciated it and learned a lot.

As always, I appreciate your message and continue to improve my processes.

Eric VanVlymen, MSW

Miami Valley Chapter Alzheimer's Association

Thanks for putting on such a great session today. I cannot wait to put some of the items to use both at work and personally.

Nowadays, there seems to be such a slim line between the two that these tools will really help make more time. I can tell that you love what you are doing. Thank you for sharing your organizing solutions.

Amber Hinkle, Human Resource Administrator

Novacel Inc., Troy Laminating & Coating Inc.

Lori, I think you need to change your company name to Earth Angels, Inc. You are so sweet and kind. May God Bless you always. You’ll never know how much you have helped me.

Alice Stryker

West Carrollton, Ohio

Your presentation at our IAAP Meeting on Tuesday was great. Thanks for speaking to our group and for sharing all of the excellent information.

Leah Hartlaub

Cincinnati, Ohio

Thank you for helping us get our home in order. Now, we can actually use our rooms for their intended purpose and relax in them. It is easy to invite guests into our home knowing they will feel comfortable.

Manning B.

Oakwood, Ohio

It was great meeting you on Saturday. I really enjoyed your presentation and found your words to be really powerful and motivational.

Sara Johnson

BGH Studios

Was privileged to have attended a workshop Lori helped facilitate for the Women in Business Networking group. The hour long information packed workshop dealt with organization – obviously her forte! The 25th hour binder, which was part of the training, has been invaluable to me, not only for my business but also in helping manage my family responsibilities as well. I highly recommend Lori for personal and/or business organizational needs as well as public speaking engagements.

Tara Elliott, Owner

Coupon Boot Camp

Thanks for your presentation and personal assistance.You did a great job and we all felt that it was a day well spent. I reviewed the evaluations I collected after the seminar and it you received high marks from all.

Bob Shaffer, Vice President-Contract Operations

Chapel Electric

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