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Chaos to Calm

Beavercreek Library 3618 Dayton Xenia Rd., Beavercreeek

Coping Strategies for a Peaceful Home This informative seminar addresses the number one question we get asked, “How do I motivate others to get organized?” We explore the emotional aspects of organizing, while teaching you how to break free from the mental barriers holding you back. Skills gained in Chaos to Calm include: · Motivate […]

Flipping Your Perspective: When Abundance Takes A Toll

Centerville Grace Church 410 E Social Row Rd, Dayton

Explore the concept of abundance and its unexpected consequences. This presentation aims to encourage a more mindful and balanced approach to embracing life's bountiful offerings. (This class is aka: Who's In Charge: You or Your Stuff)

Who’s In Charge…You or Your Stuff?

Troy-Miami Co. Public Library 419 W. Main Street, Troy

Who’s in Charge . . . You or Your Stuff? Freedom from the Emotional and Physical Costs of Clutter Professional organizer, Lori Firsdon, takes you on an emotional journey through decades of saved belongings. Her dynamic content prepares you for the physical and psychological challenges of getting organized. The Who’s in Charge keynote program covers: Season for […]