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Attack the Stack: Organizing Your Paperwork

Paper can overwhelm your desk and counter space, creating mental stress and chaos. In Attack the Stack, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce the amount of paperwork you touch, process and keep
  • Apply easy strategies to address daily mail and paper stacks
  • Create a streamlined filing system for home, work or both
  • Use a labeler as an effective organizing tool
  • Apply the concepts taught to your electronic file organizing

Armed with a labeler and file folders, you will attack the stack, creating a manageable, workable system so you can find the papers you keep. Additionally, other people will have an easier time finding your papers in your absence.

Organized and Productive: Tackle your To-Do list and Other Tasks

Productivity and organization go hand in hand. Whether your desk is covered with Post-it notes or your email in-box is constantly maxed out, your productivity can be positively influenced by new organization behaviors.

  • Transform your To-Do list items to done
  • Learn to prioritize your tasks
  • Find your action papers when you need them
  • Get caught up on your reading material
  • Learn the secret to getting things done promptly
  • Spend less time on email

After applying your new skills, you will find more time in your day and more satisfaction in your accomplishments.

Who’s In Charge…You or Your Stuff?

It’s time to think differently about the stuff you’ve been collecting and accumulating over the years. You’ll think twice about what items you bring into your home and what is truly important to your life.

You’ll learn the true cost of clutter and how to:

  • Decide what to keep and what to part with
  • Change habits that can change your life
  • Organize any room in your home with confidence
  • Ask our Five Key Questions before keeping something

You’ll leave class motivated and armed with new ways to deal with clutter.

Think Inside the Box: Organizing Your Home

Your home is the hub of your life. Whether entertaining or relaxing, your home should be a haven—not a headache. In this practical seminar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Organize items in your home for maximum efficiency
  • Utilize a labeler as an organization tool
  • Keep your kitchen functional
  • Catalog your recipes and coupons
  • Create a calm oasis in your master bedroom
  • Tame your clothes closet
  • Organize your jewelry
  • Perfect a time-saving bathroom routine

Your home will never be the same again—and you’ll love it!

Mindful Home Organizing: Take the First Step

Getting organized can be a confidence booster, but emotions and personality traits need to be reassessed first, before attacking the physical clutter, we’ll address emotional issues and learn some strategies for getting organized and staying organized.

Break-free from clutter and learn to:

  • Let go of perfectionism, which holds you back
  • Stop procrastination and start organizing
  • Work against hoarding tendencies
  • Monitor what you allow into your home
  • Motivate family members to get organized
  • Apply specific strategies for your ADHD loved ones
  • Let go of guilt over your deceased loved one’s items
  • Take steps to break your shopping habit

Learning these life skills will help anyone break previous habits and feel more calm and in control. Take the first steps to create a simpler, happier life.

Super Systems: Organizing for a Stress-free Life

An organized life is more than a well-organized living space. Clutter and chaos creeps into our cars, our hobbies and even our purses. Learn to tame these disorganized pitfalls with these practical and doable organization systems. You will learn how to:

  • Keep your car uncluttered
  • Purge and organize your garage
  • Sort and organize your craft supplies
  • Perfect your purse so it’s no longer a black hole
  • Establish a fire-proof safe to secure your important documents
  • Organize your hard copy photos
  • Give and ask for clutter-free gifts

After utilizing these Super Systems, you will feel more in control of all aspects of your life, inside and outside of your home.

Organizing Solutions for Parents

Join professional organizer and mother of five, Lori Firsdon, for this organizing class packed with practical tips for the entire family.

  • Tackle hot spots, such as the kid’s rooms and their closets
  • Have a system for managing the laundry
  • Get kids on board for keeping the car clutter-free
  • Learn to delegate and tackle chores routinely

This class is essential for any parent, to toddlers from teens. The skills and responsibilities you share with your children now will serve them for the years to come.

Student Success: Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Success in school starts at home. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Learn skills which will support them through their school years as well as teach them successful organization strategies on a personal level.

Learn skills to:

  • Effectively manage school papers and reminders
  • Use a labeler to keep track of school supplies and customize class materials
  • Organize lockers and back packs so books and supplies can be located quickly
  • Establish good homework habits
  • Sort, purge and store kid’s photos and memorabilia

Parent, child and teacher will see the difference in a well-organized approach to school work. The life-long skills will follow your child from preschool to college, setting the stage for success.

Senior Solutions: Organize Your Home Sweet Home

The older we get, the more we find ourselves buried in decades worth of papers, household items, gifts and sentimental belongings. Discover how to cut your clutter and focus on the important things with this seminar designed for seniors.

You’ll learn to organize your important belongings and how to:

  • Make decisions on what to keep and what to part with
  • Keep your home safe by addressing health and safety issues
  • Ask our decision-making questions as your sort through your items
  • Make it easy for family to find your belongings in an emergency
  • Surround yourself with things you love and treasure

Whether you are downsizing or planning for a simpler future, this seminar focuses on the important things in your life: family, friends, health, peace of mind and cherished memories.

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