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Attack the Stack: Organizing Your Paperwork

Receipts! Junk mail! Tax documents! Bills! Filing! Paperwork is invading your home and causing a lot of stress. It’s overtaking your kitchen counters, floor space, desktop and storage areas. In all, it is stealing your valuable time and leaving you frazzled.   

Skills acquired In Attack the Stack include:

  • Stop paperwork before it gets into your home.
  • Sorting paperwork piles, then taking action.
  • Easy strategies for addressing your daily mail.
  • Useful resources for getting your confidential papers shredded.
  • Develop an easy-to-use filing system so you can readily find your documents.
  • Using a labeler for consistency when filing.

Learn how to take control of paperwork once and for all. Make decisions instead of piles. The end result is a manageable, workable system that makes it easy to retrieve papers when you need them.

Tackle It! Conquer Your To-Do List and Daily Paperwork.

Endless to-do lists and striving to accomplish all of life’s demands can leave you feeling drained and pushed to your limit. It’s time you learned ways to prioritize your time and check things off your lists.

Takeaway skills from Tackle It include:

  • Reduce the amount of paperwork you touch, process and keep.
  • Tackle your towering piles of reading materials.
  • Prioritization of tasks.
  • ‘Take 2’ tip for getting things done quickly.
  • Locate action papers the minute you need them.
  • Tackle your To-Do lists, and learn how to get more done.

After applying your new skills, you’ll enjoy more time in your day, have less stress and gain a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Tackle it today!

Organized For Life: Pursuing an Organized Lifestyle.

Learn how to make organizing part of your everyday life.  Figuring out what’s holding you back, will help you make the progress you desire.

Skills learned in Organized For Life include:

  •   Essentialism vs Minimalism. Which is right for you?
  •   Adopting habits of an organizer can make you feel more in control.
  •   How is your personal value system driving your decisions?
  •   Don’t get stuck at the start.
  •   Learn to ask the right questions to make organizing easier.

In this problem solving seminar, gain time saving tips that teach you how to organize your home. Newly learned habits enable you to breeze through daily life in an organized fashion. 

The Blue Ribbon Kitchen: Efficient Kitchen Organizing Solutions.

Imagine . . . simplified mornings, nutritious meals and uncluttered countertops. Good things happen when your kitchen is organized.

Skills gained in The Blue Ribbon Kitchen include:

  • Organize items in your kitchen for maximum efficiency.
  • Refrigerator and freezer tips for daily use.
  • Gather everyone to the table by simplifying your meal planning.
  • Find your recipes when you need them.
  • Streamline your trips to the grocery store.
  • Simplify your coupon system.

Family life, meal prep and entertaining made easy in The Blue Ribbon Kitchen! 

The Positive Mindset Workshop: Overcoming Emotional Hurdles

Excuses. Procrastination. Self-sabotage. We can be our worst enemy when it comes to getting organized. Jump over all of the hurdles in your way, get organized and experience a new inner calm.

Skills acquired in The Positive Mindset Workshop include:

  • Perfectionism: break-free and get more done.
  • Procrastination: how to get beyond excuses and stalling.
  • Change habits that can change your life.
  • Listen to your self-talk and control self-sabotage.
  • Quell your inner fears and make sound decisions.
  • Work against hoarding tendencies.

What is in your way? Emotions and personality traits need to be assessed before attacking the physical clutter. Leave this seminar equipped with a new sense of self-control, willpower and determination.

Reclaim Your Space: Reduce Clutter in Your Home

A disorganized home can rob you of your time and happiness. By learning how to take control of your stuff, you’ll reclaim your home, calm your mind and gain more family time.

Takeaway skills from Reclaim Your Space include:

  • Turn your master suite into a sweet retreat.
  • Organize your closet, bathroom & jewelry for a quick morning getaway.
  • Tame your linen closet.
  • Have a method for getting laundry done and put away.
  • Get your purse in order to banish the black hole affliction.
  • Ban the bulging wallet.

We can let stuff overwhelm us or fight back. Gain your peace of mind for a healthier, happier you.

Storage Spaces, Etc.: Organizing Your ‘Catch-All’ Spaces

Day-by-day clutter and chaos creep into our well-intended storage spaces—garages, basements, workshops, etc. Tame these pitfall areas with practical and doable organization systems.

Takeaway skills from Storage Spaces, Etc. include:

  • Stay healthy and safe as you dive into your organizing projects.
  • Master the mess in your garage to maximize its potential.
  • Feel a sense of pride in your newly organized car.
  • Organize your craft room so can enjoy your projects once again.
  • Keep the family handyman happy with an orderly workshop.
  • Find out how to make basements and other storage spaces work best for you

You’ll feel relieved knowing that these extra spaces are organized.  Break free from the worry clutter creates, so you can live more peacefully knowing this overwhelming project is behind you. 

Address the Mess: Stop Clutter in its Tracks

 This seminar covers a variety of topics that help you declutter and organize your life.  Stopping the clutter before it gets out of control is the first step to becoming an organized person. 

Takeaway skills from Address the Mess include:

  • Reduce the amount of stuff that complicates your life.
  • Put an end to impulsive shopping habits.
  • Become the clutter-free gift giver.
  • Use a labeler to help you stay organized.
  • Learn how to prioritize.
  • Give your brain a break.  Use checklists!

With all of these practical tips in place, you will have the skills to gain freedom from your clutter and address the mess in your life. 

Chaos to Calm: Coping Strategies for a Peaceful Home

 This informative seminar addresses the number one question we get asked, “How do I motivate others to get organized?” We explore the emotional aspects of organizing, while teaching you how to break free from the mental barriers holding you back.    

Skills gained in Chaos to Calm include:

  • Motivate family members to get organized.
  • Cope with material possessions following the loss of a loved one.
  • Learn strategies for working with the ADHD brain style.

This seminar walks you through tips and pointers that lead to stress-free living. Take away a slew of creative ideas and techniques to better manage your life.

Reflections on Collections: Managing Your Sentimental Stuff

Are you overwhelmed with keeping too many items from your past? Do you have feelings of anxiety from sentimental separation? In this class, learn how to keep the most important items from your past, and part with the rest.

Skills attained in Reflections on Collections include:

  • Entertain generations to come by organizing your hard-copy photos.
  • Pare down your memorabilia and enjoy what you keep.
  • Organize and display your collections.
  • Gain information and resources for the resale of your antiques.
  • Find homes for the items you want to sell or donate.

This seminar helps you preserve important elements of your past while enjoying a calmer, healthier and happier life ‘in the now.’

The Golden Years: Senior Downsizing

The older we get, the more we find ourselves buried in collected items and sentimental belongings. Whether you are downsizing or planning for a simpler future, this seminar prepares you for this new chapter of life.

Skills attained through The Golden Years include:

  • Travel through life with less.
  • Find humor in what you’ve been keeping.
  • Conquer forgetfulness and find your things.
  • Discover how downsizing can be a little fun.
  • Take action with play-by-play steps.

Your Golden Years should be spent enjoying what’s really important. Parting with clutter allows for more time with family, friends and life’s little pleasures.

Helpful Holiday Hints: Organizing for the Holidays

The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year.  These organizing hints will help make your holiday season merrier.  Learn how to make realistic decisions about your keepsakes, while also getting tips on how to tame and store your holiday decorations.

Skills learned in Helpful Holiday Hints include:

  • A Season for Change:  Learn how to manage the holiday keepsakes you’ve been collecting and accumulating over the years.
  • Make decoration set up and take down easy by finding them fast when you need them.
  • Tips for safely storing your holiday treasures.
  • Streamline your holiday gift giving with clutter-free gift ideas.

You don’t have to let your holiday season get out of control.  Do these simple steps now, and your celebrations will be festive for years to come.

Lose Your Stuff | Find Yourself

Insights from professional organizer and published author, Lori Firsdon

Your stuff is sabotaging your life! In this inspirational seminar, Lori Firsdon guides you through the principles of her published, self-help book. 

She shares relatable client stories, experiences and savvy solutions. Attendees learn to take control of daily barriers and break free from clutter’s emotional grip.

Her passion for organization is contagious. This seminar is guaranteed to inspire meaningful life changes.

Quiz the Wiz

Ask the professional organizer questions that specifically relate to your home and office.

In this open style and casual classroom forum, Lori Firsdon wants to hear from you! 

Attendees have the opportunity to field questions to Lori and learn her organizational best practices.   

Now is the time to get answers to your particular organizing questions. Lori offers up her voice of vast experience while giving you her full attention.

Depart this seminar armed with an array of effective solutions!

Order in the House: Family Organizing that Works!

Join professional organizer and mother of five, Lori Firsdon, for this informative class packed with practical tips for the entire family.

In Order in the House, learn how to:

  • Help your child organize their room.
  • Deal with toy overload.
  • Have a system for managing the laundry.
  • Learn to delegate and tackle chores routinely.
  • Sort, purge and store children’s photos and memorabilia.

This seminar is essential for parents raising toddlers to teens. The skills you teach your children today help them realize greater success for years to come, all while making the entire family’s daily life a whole lot easier!

Setting the Stage for School Success: Organizing Techniques for Parents

Success in school starts at home. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. Learn skills to support them in school and strategies to instill personal organizational habits. 

Setting the Stage skills include:

  • Tackle your children’s rooms.
  • Tools for quick morning getaways.
  • Effective management of school papers and reminders.
  • Organize lockers and backpacks so books and supplies can be located quickly.
  • Establish productive homework habits.
  • Organize school memorabilia and children’s photos.
  • Working with juvenile ADHD. 

Gain life-long skills that help set the stage for success from preschool to graduation. Ultimately, your child and their teachers will notice the difference in their well-organized approach to school work.

Organizing for Kids: Organizing Skills for Kids 10 and Up

Children, tweens and teens learn organizational skills that lead to effective habits in school and at home. 

In Organizing for Kids, youth learn:

  • How to organize their rooms.
  • How to store memorabilia and artwork.
  • Labeler usage to keep track of school supplies and customize class materials.
  • Tips to keep lockers organized and keep them looking good.
  • Backpacks are not made for packrats. Keep it clean and organized.
  • Homework tips to develop productive study habits.
  • Out-the-door checklist system that de-stresses the morning routine for parents and children.

Participants learn tips that foster responsibility, good school grades and organization of personal space. This youth-focused seminar is perfect for the classroom, libraries or after-school groups.

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