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Custom Program Topics

Addressing the organizational challenges the audience faces is the key to a successful presentation. We can customize our programs using topics you choose from the list below or we can create a presentation based on information provided about your group’s challenges.

We work with clients in their homes and offices on a regular basis. The program list below is based on our experience in solving their needs. Many of the topics can be used at home or at the office, making the topics ideal for mixed audiences.

  • Desktop/Workspace Use – Learn key organizing tips to stop using your desktop for storage and get it back to a functional place, where you can actively work on your projects. You’ll learn to retrieve your most commonly used items fast while taking fewer steps.
  • Managing E-Mail – Learn tactics to help reduce unproductive time spent with e-mail.
  • Handling Interruptions – Look beyond the obvious when it comes to identifying and eliminating unnecessary interruptions. Learn how you may be inviting people to interrupt your work day.
  • Meetings – We’ll teach your team how to better manage meetings, which can impact everyone in attendance.
  • Filing Solutions – Filing is made easy, when you learn logical ways to categorize your filing. Find a place for all the paper stacked on your desk. Your organized filing will allow others to find papers easily, as well.
  • To-Do Lists – Manage your tasks and feel less-stressed when you tackle your to-do-list with efficiency.
  • Take Two Rule – Making this simple lifestyle change will help you get more accomplished in your day and others will notice.
  • Managing Action Papers – Develop an efficient storage and retrieval system for papers requiring action by you. You’ll know where paperwork is when you need it.
  • Reduce Paperwork – Stop the paper before it gets into your home and office with these proven resources.
  • Daily Mail and Paper Stacks – Whether your paperwork just arrived today or has been sitting in piles for years, we’ll teach you how to attack it.
  • Photos and memorabilia – Organize and store your printed photos, school papers, and family memorabilia, which allow you to enjoy the memories without being overwhelmed with the clutter.
  • Living In Your Season – One of our most popular topics allows you to think about why you save what you do and how all that ‘stuff’ might be keeping you from reaching your life goals.
  • Five (5) Key Questions – Asking yourself these decision-making questions will help you de-clutter your space in no time.
  • Monitor What You Bring In – Learn key ways to monitor and control the items you allow into your life.
  • Delegation – Delegating to others makes them more responsible and valuable. Learn key ways to start delegating and how it can increase the time you have in your day.
  • Procrastination – Getting started is half the battle and both procrastination and perfectionism can stop you in your tracks. Learn to combat procrastination and get things accomplished, once and for all.
  • Organizing a Room/Office, Play by Play – You’ll understand how to organize any room in your home or your office after getting easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Solutions for Every Room – Every room has its challenges and every room has a solution. Address any room from your kitchen, children’s room, master bedroom, bathroom, closets, laundry room, garage, office, and basement to create a workable living space.
  • Motivating Others to Get Organized – So you’re organized, but your partner, child, co-worker is not. Learn ways to get them on board and organized as well.
  • Labeler – Small but mighty, the electronic labeler can reduce clutter and disorganization. Learn the best ways to use this indispensable organizing tool.
  • Organizing Your Purse – Your purse is the most used item of the day. The title says it all.
  • Clean cars –Your car is home base and used daily. Learn to keep your car clutter-free and safe with practical tips.
  • Clutter-Free Gift Giving – We share fun and practical ideas on what to give others that won’t clutter their spaces
  • Letting go of guilt – Meaning and sentimentality is attached to inherited items, even if they aren’t something we enjoy or want to keep. Learn to let go of items from deceased loved ones without experiencing guilt.
  • Organizing for Parents – Organizing tips on how you can better manage your children and how they can better manage themselves. As a mother of five, this class is taught from real-world experience.
  • Success at School Success at school has everything to do with how well your child is organized. Parents and children can take small steps to learn lifelong organization skills.
  • ADHD – Persons with ADHD can live a simpler, less distracted lifestyle by applying these simple strategies for time and space management. This class will work within your own or your loved ones’ ADHD limitations to get more organized.
  • Senior Solutions – Seniors face unique organizational issues but addressing them will allow for better home safety, simpler living, and ease of relocation.

See our program series for ideas on what topics pair together nicely or contact us and we’ll discuss what topics will help you achieve the goals you have in mind for your audience.

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