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Reclaim Your Workspace: Conquer Your Office Clutter

Even for the most motivated employees, working in a disorganized workspace can prove to be a detriment toward morale and productivity. Whether you’re working from home or in a corporate setting, having an organized office is key to creating efficiency throughout your workday. 

Program outcomes from Reclaim Your Workspace include:

  • Create and maintain your workspace in a manner that promotes efficiency and enhanced profitability.
  • Develop well-defined organizational business strategies that create a growth-focused environment.
  • Reduce unnecessary clutter and create more productive workdays with Lori’s desktop rules.
  • Learn five critical thinking questions that simplify workspace organization.

Through Lori’s practical tips in Reclaim Your Workspace, you will learn how to create a well-organized workspace that drives better communication, increased productivity and higher employee morale.

Piles to Files: Organizing Your Office Paperwork

Paperwork. Paperwork. Paperwork. Whatever happened to the concept of a paperless society? The never-ending volumes of paper in the workplace can overtake your office. Working without an efficient paper management system, can create unnecessary mental stress and workplace downtime.

Program outcomes from Piles to Files include:

  • Reduce the amount of paperwork you touch, process and keep.
  • Apply easy strategies to address daily mail and paper stacks.
  • Create a streamlined filing system and find your documents fast.
  • Apply paper organizational concepts to electronic filing.
  • Use a labeler as an effective organizing tool. 

After attending Piles to Files, you will learn how to transform your stressful workspace into a productive environment. This will help boost efficiency by making it easy to find files, documents and to keep up with ongoing projects.

Ready For Action: Tackle Paperwork, Priorities and Projects

Do you have piles of reading materials scattered throughout your office? Are you frustrated when trying to locate important documents? Do you have difficulty keeping an effective To-Do list? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you will benefit from this seminar. 

Program outcomes from Ready for Action include:

  • Attack your paper stacks with confidence.
  • Get caught up with your print reading material.
  • Learn to apply the “Take 2 Rule” for immediate results.
  • Create files so you never forget important documents and deadlines.
  • Manage your “To-Do” list effectively.

In this ‘Ready for Action’ seminar, you will gain new organizational insights that leave you feeling confident in finding actionable paperwork, while helping you successfully move forward on your projects.

The Power of Productivity: Take Control of Your Workday

Imagine gaining more time in your day so you can focus on your priorities.  The Power of Productivity helps you become aware of the office distractions that rob you of your time, while helping you regain focus on what’s really important. 

Program outcomes from The Power of Productivity include:

  • Learn to identify and eliminate interruptions in your control.
  • Decrease distractions in open-office environments.
  • Systemize and minimize your email process.
  • Discover how to streamline meetings for maximum productivity.
  • Develop the best note-taking process for meetings.
  • Delegate to others so you can maximize your time.

Stop letting time-wasters sabotage your productivity and gain control through ‘The Power of Productivity’ seminar. Think of what a relief it will be to gain the time and freedom to concentrate on getting your own work done.

Productivity Roadblocks: Overcoming Mental Roadblocks

Explore the many psychological obstacles that keep people from getting organized. Learn strategies for breaking through these barriers and unlocking your potential.

Program outcomes from Productivity Roadblocks include:

  • Recognize the perfectionism trait and learn how to overcome it.
  • Procrastination understanding is critical to stopping it.
  • Fear can be the ultimate productivity killer.
  • Tailor the workplace for employees with Executive Function Disorder (ADHD).
  • Figure out where to start when you feel paralyzed by disorganization.
  • Discuss the various strategies for effective decision making, goal setting and prioritizing  tasks.

Employees will love returning to their offices after attending ‘Productivity Roadblocks’ knowing they can free the barriers that interfere with getting more done during their workday.

Team Up for Success: Staff Organizing Day for The Office

Disorganization in the workplace can stifle new ideas and inhibit collaboration. Create a winning business culture by getting the whole office organized. 

Program outcomes from Team Up for Success include:

  • Motivate your staff to organize and maintain their workspaces.
  • Get everyone on board to organize office common areas and become an efficient team.
  • Follow health and safety practices when organizing your workplace.
  • Understand the value of using a labeler as an effective organizing tool.
  • Learn the importance of developing functional workplace desktop manuals.

After attending the ‘Team Up for Success’ seminar, you will be equipped with the skills necessary to create a positive and healthy workplace.

Team Boot Camp: Onsite Hands-on Organizing with Lori

Bring Lori’s first-class training on-site with ‘Team Boot Camp.’  We’ll kick off the morning with a seminar designed to educate, motivate and prepare your team for a day of hands-on organizing. Following the seminar, Lori will coach your team to success throughout the office as they implement lessons learned from the program. Watch your office transform into an organized and growth-focused environment.

Program outcomes from Team Boot Camp:

  • Create and maintain your workplace and office spaces in a manner that promotes efficiency and enhanced profitability. 
  • Real-time training can be tailored to include offices spaces and filing systems.
  • Reduce unnecessary clutter and create more productive workdays.
  • Learn five critical thinking questions that simplify workplace organization.

Train employees in this one-day, interactive organizing session at your location. Receive same day organizational benefits as your office undergoes an organizing makeover. Companies who have offered ‘Team Boot Camp’ noted higher employee morale, more team interaction and customer raves.

Relocation in your plans? This program is also beneficial for companies preparing to move to a new location. Organizing your office before the move is more efficient and cost-effective. Once you are in your new office, you will be up and running in no time thanks to the systems put in place beforehand.

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