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As seen in the Dayton Daily News on February 27, 2016.

It’s an exciting day when you finally make up your mind to get organized. You’ve decided you’re tired of being stressed, depressed and feeling overwhelmed in your own home, and you’re ready to do something about it.

Organizing takes some pre-planning in order for you to avoid some safety hazards that go along with the job. You can be injured or become ill if you don’t take these precautions before you get started.

Wear a mask to avoid agitating your respiratory track, especially if you have asthma or other breathing issues that can be comprised in dusty environments. Purchase masks with respirators if are particularly sensitive to dust. Mask can be bought at retail stores that carry paint or have a hardware section.

While we’re on the subject of dust, limit sweeping with a broom while you work. Stirring up extra dust is irritating. If you must sweep, for example behind a bookcase before you put it back, keep the broom very low to the ground. Save sweeping until after you’ve organized the room, then exit until lingering dust settles again.

Wear gloves. I prefer deerskin leather gloves. They protect your hands, but are flexible enough to pick up small objects.

Gloves will protect you when reaching into drawers and storage bins where sharp objects can be hidden from view.

They also safeguard your hands from coming into direct contact with wildlife. I was once working in a garage and after lifting up an old piece of wood, came face to face with two snakes.

Wildlife isn’t just found in garages. Mice can make their way into your home. When you poison them, they may have died in the areas where you work. Wear gloves if you’ve encountered mice in the past.

Put on sturdy, closed-toed shoes while you work. I’ve had many objects fall from high areas and land on my feet. Also, I have stepped on sharp objects that were not visible.

If you have to climb a ladder to reach items, make sure the ladder has skid-proof feet. Also, it’s safer not to climb when you’re alone in case you fall. If you must work alone, notify someone you will be using a ladder so they can check on you.

Be careful when pulling things down from high spaces. There can be hidden objects on top of the item you are bringing down that can fall on you.

Falling objects are also a hazard for belongings stored below. Remove your laptop and other things that can be damaged as you work.

Lifting heavy items can cause back pain and hemorrhoids. Ask for help when items are too heavy for you to lift alone.

Getting organized is a rewarding experience. Staying safe as you organize will ensure you remain healthy, and are able to enjoy your organized spaces.

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