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As seen in the Dayton Daily News on Sept 15, 2012.

We dress to impress, but what impression would people get if they saw your closet? Even though we use this space in our home everyday, it’s often one of the last spaces we organize. By taking time to make your closet more functional you will be able to head out the door with less stress and gain additional time to your day.

Your closet should contain those items you wear and use on a regular basis.  Make organizing your closet easier by removing items that can be stored in other parts of your home. Make use of a seldom used guest room closet or storage area to gain more space in your closet. Luggage, Halloween costumes, formal dresses, keepsakes, and clothing that is not your current size should travel out of your everyday closet. Place items that need to be repaired or cleaned into your car to have them altered or dry cleaned.

Now it’s time to take a serious look at the remaining clothes and accessories. For each item of clothing ask yourself, “How does this item make me feel when I wear it?” If you answer outdated, frumpy, heavy or if any other negative emotion comes up, it’s time to move it out. Don’t worry about how much you spent on it, how long you’ve owned it or who gave it to you. If you don’t feel good wearing it let it go.

Donate these items to the many local charities that collect these unwanted treasures. You’ll be helping yourself and others so everyone wins.

Organize the remaining clothes by putting like with like. Long and short sleeve shirts, long pants, capris, dresses, skirts and jackets are some of the categories you can sort by. Once they are in a specific category you can organize clothing from white to black to make coordinating outfits easier.

If you want to double check that you have saved only those items you truly wear take the hanger test to see if you were right. Once you are finished organizing the closet, go back  and hang all the hangers the opposite way you normally do. In other words the hangers should be facing backwards. As you wear an item, put it back in the closet hanging the hanger correctly. In six months go back and see which hangers are still facing the wrong way and ask yourself, “Why haven’t I worn this item?” If you’re like most people you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time and this hanger test will help you see this.

Purses often take up a lot of space that could be used for items we use on a regular basis. Do you really go back and use purses again or are you just in the habit of keeping them? Same with shoes, do you actually wear them or just like the idea of having lots of them? These excess items take up lots of valuable space and create a place for dust to collect.

Taking time to organize your closet will help you get ready for your day faster. You’ll save money by knowing what you own and you’ll set a good example for others in the household to follow.

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