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As seen in the Dayton Daily News on September 9, 2017.

During my organizing seminars, audience members often share funny antics that have to do with their disorganization. I love how their laughter breaks up the tension and reminds us that we don’t always have to take ourselves so seriously.

If you fall into the ‘not-so-organized’ category, I hope you too can chuckle as you relate to some of the tidbits I have heard over the years.

You may need to hire a professional organizer if…

~You feel a sense of accomplishment when it takes you less than an hour to find your car keys.

~While watching the Hoarders show you say, “Well, at least my house isn’t that bad.”

~The new shoes you recently ordered arrive just as you discover the same ones hidden under a

pile of clothes in your bedroom.

~You keep building additions to your home or move to a larger one so you have a place

to store all your plastic totes marked ‘MISC’.

~You have kids in college, while storing your own college text books at the same time.

~Your home is inundated with stuff and you’re embarrassed for anyone to see it, so you

comfort yourself by saying, “Someday soon I’m going to have a garage sale.”

~You were surprised when your adult child wasn’t ecstatic when you opened the door to your

off-site storage unit and said, “Someday this will all be yours.”

~You find eight remote controls while searching for the one that actually works your television.

~You own movies on VHS tapes, but no longer have a VHS player.

~After inviting friends over, you run wildly around your house stuffing grocery bags

with clutter and hiding them in your car. (Some of you just got a good idea with this one)

~You lost the organizing book you borrowed from the library and had to sheepishly confess

that to the librarian.

~Your retirement plan consists of the sale of your collections of Beanie Babies, old National

Geographic magazines and a Wheaties box you’ve kept in pristine condition.

~You keep saving all of Grandma’s needle point projects, even though your grown children

have repeatedly told you they don’t want them, because they might change their mind.

~You have enough wrapping paper to last to the year 2050, yet you buy more after the

holidays because the sale is too good to pass up.

~You keep buying craft supplies despite the fact you haven’t made anything in years.

~Your garage is full of car parts for a car you no longer own.

~You’re not speaking to your grown children because none of them will promise to keep your

Precious Moments collection after you die.

~You’re storing boxes of stuff you haven’t opened from two moves ago and have no idea

what’s in them.

~You won’t part with anything that says Tupperware even though you no longer use it.

~Your children are adults, living in their own clutter-free homes, while you’re still storing all

of their childhood things.

~You have partially used make-up spilling from your bathroom drawers that you purchased

during the Kennedy administration.

~You have gadgets in your kitchen drawers and no clue what they are used for.

~You open your garage door and several passing cars screech to a stop mistakenly thinking

you’re having a garage sale.

And you thought you were the only one. Happy Day!