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Letting go of mementos doesn’t mean you stop loving

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on May 20, 2017 Our homes should be a haven. A place to retreat to when the world around us has us running in all different directions. To create this haven, start keeping things in your home that give you a sense of peace. Let go of... read more

Stop organizing clutter. Do what matters instead.

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on May 6, 2017. On my last trip to the grocery store, I noticed a woman in an electric cart pulling up to the checkout. Her cart’s basket was overloaded, so I got in line behind her and offered to help. She smiled and thanked me. I was... read more

Organize for your loved ones while you still can

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on April 22, 2017. Today’s column may make you squirm a bit because it’s about death. The statistics regarding death are the same for all of us. We have a 100% chance of dying. Death is a big reason why people hire me. I have worked... read more

Checklists remember for you

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on April 8, 2017. I recently had outpatient surgery. Prior to my surgery, a nurse did various tasks, which included taking my blood pressure. As the cuff was tightening on my arm, I wondered if she was using a checklist to remember all... read more

Create the life you want by making good decisions

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on March 25 2017. In this week’s column, I am giving you a test. It is designed to get you thinking about how you have been living in your home and what changes you want to make moving forward. The test will help you objectively decide... read more

Donating your excess stuff is good for your community

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on March 11, 2017. Some of you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to organize your home, perhaps it’s during spring cleaning season or when you have time off work. Maybe you’ve planned a time for grandma to babysit so you can... read more

Are you sitting on a gold mine or a bunch of stuff?

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on February 25, 2017. While walking through the grocery store years ago, I came upon a Wheaties box that featured the1990 Cincinnati Reds World Championship. I am not a big sports fan, but I knew how popular ‘The Big Red Machine’ was,... read more

Gain freedom after experiencing your loss

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on February 11, 2017. When I started my organizing company, I thought my sole responsibility would be to help people better manage their physical stuff.  I listened to their challenges, found out their goals and put solutions in place... read more

Organize your home by focusing on one room at a time

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on  January 28, 2017. During a meeting one day I told a colleague of mine, “I think I have entrepreneur ADHD.” As a business owner, I attend training seminars, conferences and networking events. I come home with a plethora of ideas,... read more

Make New Year’s resolutions worth keeping

As seen in the Dayton Daily News on January 14, 2017. While ringing in the New Year, some of you didn’t bother to commit to making any resolutions because in the past you gave them up in no time. Even though you no longer call them resolutions, I’m guessing you have... read more

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